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A Lady of my Experience

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

Dr. Seuss

Birthday time. Certainly a time to celebrate and at this stage, knowing I still resemble the lady in the picture gives me some joy and fosters some determination. I was probably the most fit in this picture although you are supposed to be fit in your teens. I can still walk/jog a few miles without suffering and still hope to do this 10K I keep talking about…one day soon.

I want to leave a little digital time capsule for my future generations so they will know who I was at this stage in my life.

  • Worshiping God is both a privilege and an honor I enjoy.

  • My main mode of transportation is a 14 year old van with 291K+ miles. My motor mounts are giving out, but thankfully it gets me from point A to point B very comfortably. My goal is to get to 300K!

  • In a day when divisiveness is popular, I am blessed with a wonderful community of friends and family – all different colors, faiths and political persuasions who are sensible to agree to disagree without being hateful.

  • Even though my sons are adults, I still feel the urge to parent anyone who will get close, no matter what their age. Every now and I again, I seek mothering myself.

  • Teaching, dancing, photography and connecting people are my passions. These are all based in my desire to serve – the gift of helps.

  • My dear body is doing all kinds of things I haven’t asked it to do:

  • Permanently saving an overabundance of fat cells

  • Confusing the proper mixture of hormones, and

  • Changing my hair color.

  • While I can no longer align myself with the brick house song dimensions (34-24-36), I am trying to maintain the same ratio (little victories!) I have come to embrace the importance of building both natural and spiritual muscle.

The most important thing I want my future generations to know is that the sheer delight of my life has been being a mother to my 3 sons. They have taught me how to be resilient, determined, loving, calm and a good listener,. The joys, victories, tears, smiles, and love we have enjoyed just can’t be numbered. It has been an extraordinary journey that I hope to continue to enjoy for a few more decades.

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