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My child's expertise is...

Did you know that your child is an expert? As they get older they will be more willing to reiterate this fact, but as a parent, it is your opportunity and responsibility to discover and foster that expertise.

As your child grows and develops, you will introduce her to different stimiuli - Nature, music, videos, sounds, books, and games. Your child will find that some activities come naturally to them. As you discover these trends, try to add additional activities in that same category. For instance, if she seems to be artiistic, try to find a camp or workshop that encourages that skill. The same is true for video game interest, playing outside and reading.

Children who are not nurtured have a tendency to flounder and not really understand what their expertise is. You should also apply this approach to their class load in school. If math seems to come second nature to them, make sure they are accurately challenged in school.

As your child develops and grows, encourage them to reach past their comfortable boundaries and stretch to new goals and heights. Think about a seed and the process it goes through to produce a plant. The shape of the seed is almost completely changed to create a crop or bloom. Your child will go through a similar process to make the transition from child to adult. You will be glad you did and perhaps they will one day ask you for your expertise on parenting.

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